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Why hello there…

Bear Pen //

Long time no see! August was the start of a downward spiral. Each week someone new in the family was ill and then once again during the month of September. Various life duties started to pile up and I took something of a creative hiatus. Well now I’m back… miss me?

Three Months //

During my time away Pen turned 3 months and now she is just a few days away from 4 months. My first completed project in a long time is a special dress for her 4 month photos.

4 Month Dress //

This afternoon I also made some simple headbands with the Hello Kitty ribbon I found over the weekend.

Headbands //

Next I’ll be working on Halloween costumes. Seb has changed his mind multiple times over the past few months but now is stuck on being a “Spooky Halloween Ghost” – which means he wants to wear a white sheet. Yup.

Bears //

Despite all the recent chaos, I’m glad I remembered to get a photo of Pen (bottom) wearing Seb’s (top) bear hoodie. Seems silly but with both my babies growing up so fast I do like indulging in a bit of mommy sentimentalism on occasion.

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