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Happy Halloween! I’m sure I mentioned this before but I’ll say it again… Oh boy do I love making costumes! Which is why I totally biased twoards Halloween being the greatest holiday ever.

This year marks the first year where Seb had some sort of opinion on what he wanted to be. Earlier in the year he was insisting he wanted to be Jake the Dog, spent three weeks in August convicned he needed to be Super Why and then he settled on a “spooky Halloween ghost”. While in theory it did not sound that complicated I had one heck of a time finding anything white for his costume. Finally I settled on several yards of a super cheap white fleece.


At first I figured I’d make him something along the lines of a robe. I’m sure he would of been satsified with a square of matrerial to wear draped over his head, I was itiching to sew something and I figured in reality it would probably be best if his costume had things like sleeves (to hold a bucket for candy) and the ability to keep his face clear (for safety).


I had an epiphiny while feeding Pen late at night that something based on a circle poncho would give a lot more swirly floaty ghosty goodness to his costume than a robe design would. Jess @ Me Sew Crazy had a great tutorial on how she made a circle poncho from cotton laminate using one of her daughter’s shirts as a template. Before using one of Seb’s long sleeve shirts as a guide I measured from his sholder to knee so I could add a few extra inches to the length. I figured a little longer than knee would give all sorts of billowy goodness without being a major tripping hazard. The sleeves were also flared out to more of a bell shape for more “OOOoooOOooo”.



    My little guy was a ghost too! Our costumes are pretty similar – basically a hooded poncho. I put the ghost face on his chest though and made it out of some white flannel I had. It was super quick and easy!

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