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Pen is two months and what I’m working on…

Two Months // www.pensebrox.com

Pen has hit the two month mark and is already out growing a lot of her clothes! With cooler weather just around the corner I’m considering August to be the official kick-off month for fall sewing projects. I made quite the haul last summer in regards to finding 4T clothing at yard sales for Seb so most sewing for him will be for fun. Pen will be in need of some basic layering pieces and I’m using Seb’s 4th birthday as an excuse to make her a party dress. Most of all *I* am in need of some wardrobe updates and hope to make much of it myself. My plans so far…

With a deadline
– Halloween Costumes (mid-October)
– Party dress for Pen (early November)
– Knight Hoodie (early November)
– Seb’s birthday invites (early October)
Without a deadline
– Casual dresses for me
– Casual shirts for me
– Explorer hoodies for Seb (x 2)
– Leggings for Pen (x6)
– Tunics for Pen (x4)
– Coat for Pen

Besides sewing with fall on the mind, I’ve been working on a project for a mystery challenge which will be revealed later in the month!

One Month // www.pensebrox.comTwo Months // www.pensebrox.com

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