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Kids Clothes Week: Neon Lights Tee

Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com

Today marks the start of Kids Clothes Week! I figured I’d be lucky to squeak out a single project from conception to completion this week so I’m taking every opportunity for a little bit of spare time I can get. Even though it’d be nice to get a head start on fall sewing, the “Kids Art” theme really inspired me to focus on collaborating with Seb.

Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com

For our first project, I stretched a piece of 100% cotton jersey over Seb’s table and let him go to town with neon fabric markers I had recently purchased. He literally went to “town” because when the fabric was finished I was told that he made a city for his cars.

Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com

The diagonal color block on the Helter Skelter Tee by Shwin Designs seemed like the perfect compliment for our custom fabric. Despite it being my first time working with the pattern, it came together quickly. On the blue tee I did royally bungle the neckline. PSA: If you are going to whip your head around to tell a 3 year-old to stop trying to sit on top of the ac window unit while serging, you should not keep on serging at full speed. To quickly fix the “oops” I went around a second time making the neck binding narrower and the neckline  slightly bigger.

Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com

Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com

While the fabric markers are not my preferred medium when decoration textiles they are something I’d use again if working with a young child. Just be warned that the markers we used (Graffiti) were not exactly up to aggressive amounts of pressure and Seb knock a few of the tips off. They still worked but without the fine line.

Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com Neon Lights Tee // www.pensebrox.com


    Very cute. I love the mix of this fabric with this pattern. I have been tempted to purchase but my son will be out of it in the next year so I don’t know if it worth it.

      Thank you! I had the pattern on my wishlist and was delighted when it was part of last month’s Pattern Member collection. Made the choice easy for me.

    I’m giggling because it looks like he wears his shoes on the wrong feet! One of my boys always did that! Thanks for sewing along with Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Edition!

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