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June Roundup

Penelope // Pen Seb Rox

The big news of June: Pen made her grand entrance into the world! Now I have a model for all my baby girl creations. While she has become a foil to my productivity, her cuteness makes it hard for me to care too much.

Winner! // Pen Seb Rox
June was also a “lucky” month for me. I received three prizes from giveaways graciously hosted by Gracious Threads, PiePie Designs and Porcupine Stew!

June Roundup // Pen Seb Rox

What else was I up to during June?

Changing pad and sheets created from thrifted sheets
Thrifted vintage Duplo
Sleep shorts for Seb
Thoughts on buying knit clothing for up-cycling
Crafted a Princess Bubblegum inspired “costume” for Pen

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