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Thrift Score: Duplo!

Thrift Score: Duplo! / www.pensebrox.comConfession time! Despite intending to post frequently about my non-crafty thrift store scores this is a subject I’ve neglected up until now. Probably due to the fact that most often a thrifted item will either go immediately into use and I promptly forget about its “newness” or it gets added to my never ending and often neglected “to do” list.

Want another confession? Ever since I was pregnant with Seb I’ve been grabbing most of the second hand Duplo I’ve come across. I say “most” because once or twice I’ve come across flea market dealers that want top dollar for half complete sets. While Duplo is not all that common to find on my adventures I have collected enough to fill several 10 gal tubs.

Thrift Score: Duplo! /

The two small Lego Duplo containers I discovered at a thrift store this past weekend were sealed shut with vast amounts of packing tape (to keep people from making a mess of things). With the price at only $5 and gauging by weight that each of the two containers had to be pretty full of blocks I decided that I’d surprise myself with the contents rather than insisting that an employee open the containers for me.

The first box contained blocks, wheel bases and a few train pieces. Seb is a vehicle building fiend so we can never have enough of those. Expecting much of the same I was pleasantly surprised by the number of figures and farm animals in the second box. While I was pouring the contents into the soapy bath I made in the sink oh was I tickled pink to also see…

Thrift Score: Duplo! /


Furniture pieces were actually on my “things I’ll buy on Ebay one day” mental list. I have fond memories of playing with some of the furniture pieces and wanted them to enhance our house building adventures. Yes, I do mean “our” since the collection has always been 50% about Seb and 50% me still loving to build block-y creations.

I specifically remember the living room furniture, bed with the cat graphic and television. Ahhh memories!

Thrift Score: Duplo! /

The toilet piece is hilariously detailed with a seat that flips up. At least my inner child finds it hilarious…

Thrift Score: Duplo! /

Eventually Seb will upgrade to full blown Lego (something I’ve had less luck acquiring second hand) but I’m sure Pen will grow to appreciate our Duplo collection!

Spoilers if you’ve yet to see the Lego Movie but after all this Duplo talk I had to post a clip of my favorite scene from it.


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