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Summer Sleep Shorts

Summer sleep shorts : Pen Seb Rox

Ever since Seb’s first summer his warm weather sleepwear has consisted of a t-shirt and a diaper. We don’t have central air and even with our few window a/c units the house stays warm so I always felt like specific pjs for the summer was totally unnecessary. This year Seb, now 3 1/2, was outraged when I suggested no pjs the first warm night of the season. He ended up in a t-shirt and the one pair of knit shorts still holding up from last year. The second night I thought he might be over the initial “shock” of the idea but nope. On the third night while Seb was on some rambling tangent regarding the necessity for pjs Mister S suggested that we buy him some suitable bottoms on the weekend. The next morning I decided to balk at the idea of BUYING shorts and I also balked at my original afternoon plan to re-organize my sewing area. Instead I made Seb sleep shorts.

Summer Sleep Shorts : Pen Seb RoxFor the pattern I used KID Shorts by Made. Last year I had used Dana’s KID Shorts tutorial based off of her free 2T/3T Basic Pants pattern to make Seb’s space “pants”. More shorts and less pants because that was all of the space fabric that I had.

SONY DSCKnowing how much I enjoyed working with Dana’s free pattern last year, the look of the shorts style on Seb and the inevitability of eventually needing the pattern in a wide array of sizes, I purchased the full KID Shorts pattern earlier in the year.

Using ribbon to tag the back : Pen Seb Rox

Since I envisioned something with a boxer-like fit for the sleep shorts I cut the pattern shorter than directed for the boys length. The shorts are cut with slightly more room in the back than in the front so in order to save myself many nights pondering what is what I added a little tab when I sewed the casing shut.

With the exception of the automobile print all fabric I thrifted on a trip to Oregon last summer. It felt good to do a bit of stash clearing especially since my original plan was straightening up my sewing area downstairs. I’m happy I got to make the shorts but fingers crossed that I get a bit more cleaning done before Pen makes her debut!

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    they look great! I’m sure you will get a lot of use out of them. I just made some flannel shorty pajamas for my little guy and have a few more shorts cut but not sewn for both kids. Turns out I had a lot of pieces of flannel that were just big enough for a pair of shorts, but not much else. I always feel good using up my stash too!

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