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May Roundup

May Roundup

With May being the last full month before Pen’s arrival I made large strides with projects I wanted to complete before baby day. I also posted a number of tutorials involving projects I did for her little space that I nicknamed “Pen’s Nook” because it is nothing more than a corner in the master bedroom.

Cheater Elastic Headbands

Using scrap fabric to create custom letters (or shapes)

Adding “clips” to a cloudy headband holder

DIY custom Boppy Newborn Lounger covers

Create a cute lampshade with nothing more than scrap fabric and a wire frame

May Roundup : Pen Seb Rox

May was not just about baby. Seb requested that I make him his very own Aquabats tee, I participated in a blog tour for an awesome new fox lovey pattern and ended the month with a bit of reminiscing about why I create.

I’m looking forward to the start of June. Besides the number one reason of finally getting to meet Pen, I’m also excited about progress in the garden and a few more projects I have up my sleeve!

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