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It’s Adventure Time!

Princess Bubblegum // www.pensebrox.comI’m finding it hard to believe that Pen is already over one week old! Still needing newborn pics I was inspired to throw together Pen’s first cosplay outfit Friday morning while I had a few minutes of peace. Seb was off shopping with Daddy and Pen was snoozing away. We are all Adventure Time fans in this household so it seemed only natural to dress Pen up like Princess Bubblegum.

Princess Bubblegum // www.pensebrox.comThe crown was crafted from a double layer of gold felt sandwiching Heatbond Lite and blue felt for the “jewel”. I drafted a template for the crown shape using a picture of PB as a guide. For sizing I consulted the same chart that I used for the baby headbands and decided on 10″ width for the band of the crown itself and 4 1/4″ elastic in the back. A total of 1/2″ (1/4″ for each side) of the elastic is tucked between the felt layers and stitched into place. The ends of the felt crown narrowed to 1/2″ so 1/2″ wide elastic fit perfectly. For the wrap, I dyed a 46″x46″ cut portion of a oatmeal colored jersey sheet with 1/2 a bottle of Rit in “fuschia”. All items I just so happened to have around the house. Yay!

Princess Bubblegum // www.pensebrox.com Princess Bubblegum // www.pensebrox.com

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