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Thrift Score: Duplo!

Confession time! Despite intending to post frequently about my non-crafty thrift store scores this is a subject I’ve neglected up until now. Probably due to the fact that most often a thrifted item will either go immediately into use and I promptly forget about its “newness” or it gets added to my never ending and…

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Summer Sleep Shorts

Ever since Seb’s first summer his warm weather sleepwear has consisted of a t-shirt and a diaper. We don’t have central air and even with our few window a/c units the house stays warm so I always felt like specific pjs for the summer was totally unnecessary. This year Seb, now 3 1/2, was outraged when I suggested…

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May Roundup

With May being the last full month before Pen’s arrival I made large strides with projects I wanted to complete before baby day. I also posted a number of tutorials involving projects I did for her little space that I nicknamed “Pen’s Nook” because it is nothing more than a corner in the master bedroom….