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Tutorial: Scrappy Fabric Letter (and more)

P is for Penelope

P is for Penelope

Fun fact: I actually came up with this project after I unceremoniously burnt my left hand with the hot glue gun while working on the other scrappy project that I mentioned. I was in productivity mode but I could not continue with what I was working on with a super ouchy left hand.


This is the perfect project for all those scrap strips leftover from squaring fabric or trimming edges. All you need is a hot glue gun with glue sticks, scissors, pipe cleaners and scrappy bits of fabric. The amount of pipe cleaners will depend on how big or elaborate you wish your letter to be. I used a total of 6 (tripled) resulting in a P that is about 9″ high by 4″ wide. My local dollar store sells 45-ct packs of craft pipe cleaners for $1 so it would be that much of a hit on the wallet if you wish to obtain extra for the project, just in case.


Step 1: After gathering your materials set everything aside with the exception of the pipe cleaners. I wanted to make a very basic looking P so I just winged the shape but you may want to print, or draw, a template to follow for a more elaborate shape.  For the size I wanted I took 6 pipe cleaners and twisted 3 together creating 2 “beefy” pipe cleaners. You may want to twist even more together if you wish for a thicker line. I was happy with a thickness of 3.


Step 2: Overlap then twist together the “beefy” pipe cleaners into your desired shape.


Step 3: You don’t have use this method to just make letters. I also used another 2 “beefy” pipe cleaners to create a nifty heart shape!


Step 4: Add a dab of hot glue and start wrapping your first fabric strip around the shape. I only added glue at the start and end of each strip. I double (and even triple) wrapped some sections when using thinner fabric in order to make the letter have an even thickness.

SONY DSCStep 5: After securing the last section of fabric, admire your handy work! Or add even more embellishments…

SONY DSC SONY DSCStay tuned for a tutorial on that OTHER scrappy project and more details on Pen’s Nook!


    […] Of course the lounger photos would be a lot more exciting with a baby enjoying the finished product but we still have a few weeks to go. This was just one of many projects I’ve been working on in the anticipation of Pen’s arrival and will continue spilling the details over the next few weeks. Later this week I will be posting a tutorial for the other scrappy project I mentioned in the Scrappy Letter Tutorial! […]

    These are great! I could see an entire alphabet on a nursery or play room wall. Thanks for linking up to Inspire Us Thursdays!

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