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Pen’s Nook: A teaser…

Pen's NookWe are close to hitting the 30 days left mark on waiting for the birth of Pen. I’ve been sewing, crafting and generally working like a mad woman in order to complete an array of projects prior to her arrival. With Seb I was keen on having a completed nursery before his arrival and he ended up staying in our room for almost his entire first year.  I called him the “squatter” since early on it became clear that a lot of his things were more convenient in our room than down the hall in the nursery and his stuff ended up haphazardly co-mingled with our own.

Especially during the first few months it was very convenient having Seb in a co-sleeper next to our own bed and I knew I wanted Pen to also bunk with us. This time though I also knew how useless having a nursery was to us so instead of working on one, I focused on making Pen her own little “nook” in our bedroom.

This lead to an array of crafty projects both purely ascetic and then more utilitarian. I still have a few details to finish but the bulk of projects have been completed. Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting more about the projects I did for Pen’s Nook, including tutorials and more peaks into the space. Thursday will be the first post involving the one of two scrappy projects.

Yes, I am a tease.

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