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Pen’s Nook: Little Rain Cloud Headband Holder

SONY DSCLooking for solutions to organize simple baby headbands I came across the DIY No-Sew Headband Holder tutorial at Pretty Prudent. I was enamored by how stinking cute a rain clue headband holder looked and set about making my own for Pen’s Nook.


SONY DSCDeviating from the original tutorial I used a combination of felt, ribbon and fabric scraps for a more eclectic cloud. I also chose not to include a pocket and sewed the whole thing.

SONY DSCSince most of Pen’s early headbands will be made from elastic, I used velcro and felt to create little “clips” instead of making the little loop behind the raindrop as described in the original tutorial. That way I can open the clips to secure elastic style headbands and later just use it as a loop with which to hang a rigid headband.

Making the clips was super easy. The project addition took probably 15 minutes max just using velcro, felt and my sewing machine.

SONY DSCStep 1: Cut an approximately 2″ x 4″ piece of felt and a 1/4″ x 4″ piece of velcro. Depending on the number of raindrops you are making you may want to cute the felt longer or shorter.

SONY DSCStep 2: Separate the velcro and sew onto the felt as pictured.

SONY DSCStep 3: Cut your newly made “felcro” (haha) into strips. I freehand cut mine about 1/2″ wide.

SONY DSCSONY DSCStep 4: I used a little dab of glue to attach a clip to the back of each raindrop and once dried (in a few minutes) I secured all the clips by stitching just a bit in the middle on my sewing machine.


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