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Pen’s Nook: Baby Girl Headbands (for the lazy)


There are hundreds of tutorials on the internet on how to make adorable flowers and other hair adornments. I could probably devote the rest of the year to making such things and barely make a dent in the possibilities. I’ve made bows, rosettes and other flowers before so I know it is not particularly difficult but on this occasion I opted for buying pre-made. Gasp!


Yes folks, I cheated and bought a selection of satin rosettes and chiffon bows to make headbands. My reasons were as follows:

1. I wanted a variety of solid colors that would look nice with a variety of Pen’s outfits. Since I did not have any solid satin or chiffon fabric scraps on hand, and was unable to find any suitable small sized cut bundles, I was looking at needing to buy 1/2 yard per color. While you may say “but Rox! You love having scraps around!” I do but since I’m not the biggest fan of satin to begin with I could see the leftovers gathering dust for many (many, many, many) years.

2. I was already placing an order for elastic and adding a little extra to the order barely bumped up the shipping cost.

3. Interestingly, the first ever sewing/crafting related class I ever took, at the tender age of 7, was how to make rolled stain rosettes. I had delusions of grandeur about making my own rather than buying from the wholesale warehouse I’d go to with my mom. I used them in mass to decorate little potpourri filled straw hats to sell at craft fairs because it was the 80’s.

If you do not recall the latter part of the 80’s and are wondering to yourself what a person would do with such a thing – it gets hung next to the country duck paraphernalia.

While it was fun to make one or two rosettes, I did not like making them in bulk at age 7 and I can not imagine my feelings changing much on the matter now.

So that is why I totally cheated.


As for making the headbands it was simple. Cut the elastic to length (I used a chart found here to decide the length I wanted), put a dab of hot glue on the underside of your adornment, place both ends of the elastic securing them in the glue making sure that the elastic is not twisted and add a bit more glue before placing a piece of felt cut to an appropriate size over the elastic ends. Due to using pre-made pieces, I made a whole pile of headbands in less than 30 minutes.


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