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KCW & other sewing ambitions

Scrap pile from heck.Fun fact: I had a cold all week. Despite feeling awful last Sunday I decided to tackle sorting my out of control scrap piles. After a good amount of time spent sorting and patting myself on the back for a job well done, I noticed that I had two more piles shoved to the back under my sewing table.  Sigh.

After the costume making frenzy I held back on the kids projects knowing I’d want to follow along with the upcoming Kid’s Clothes Week and it was not like I had nothing else I could be doing anyways. The chaos that my sewing area had become was starting to get to me and I figured for my sanity’s sake I’d see what could be done about it.

A lot of it came from projects that I would be working on in the near future but I had yet to select final fabrics, prepare the pattern, etc. If I was only going to use one fabric then I did not need a whole host of choices hanging out nor did I need 2 yards hanging around when a 1/4 would suffice for a project. So began my week of selecting, cutting, taping, cutting, selecting, cutting, taping, cutting and more cutting. Now I have a large selection of projects ready to sew. Plus my sewing area only looks semi-chaotic now! Yay!

My neat little pre-cut pile of projects.

With baby #2 on the way in early June, I know my time is at a premium and I would love to finish working my way through a few more projects before Pen’s arrival. Kid’s Clothes Week will be a good kick in the butt to focus on finishing a few summer clothing related projects. Then I can get to a few baby projects including sheets for the co-sleeper and burp cloths. Not to mention I have two dresses picked out that I’d also like to make for me. Also, I should mention that I’m trying to head outdoors and put my summer garden together. Well will see how much I actually get done!


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