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KCW Day 1: Diaper covers finished!

Diaper CoversPattern used: The Perfect Diaper Cover by Made

Are diaper covers considered to be clothes? I don’t know but I do know with Pen being a very late spring baby she will probably spend a lot of time hanging out in a diaper. Which makes me think a diaper cover could be considered clothing. A diaper cover and light weight top seems like it would be a quick and easy outfit to me. When it comes to baby clothes I’m all about the “cute” with a dash of “quick” and “easy”.

Before we even knew the gender, I had pinned The Perfect Diaper Cover by Made. It looked fast to whip up, did not need much fabric, could work for either gender and the pattern was FREE. The features are what really sold me but free is nice! I was not disappointed by the pattern. It met all of my expectations and comes together quickly enough where I was not spending half the week working on six diaper covers.

Diaper Covers

Even though I wanted ultimate mix ‘n match capabilities I did not want to go with solids. Fabric was chosen for color and pattern by how flexible I thought they would be with other wardrobe pieces. I used mainly scraps and small pieces of cotton that I picked up from grab bags or were leftover from other projects. All came out buttery soft after a pre-wash.

This is my first completed project for the spring Kids Clothes Week, a sewing challenge where you are supposed to challenge yourself to work on a kids clothing related project for at least one hour a day for a week. Now to start Day 2…

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