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KCW Day 7: Wrapping up the week


Day 7, I finished up my very last planned project for Kids Clothes Week. I’ve been slowly working on the Going Coastal Long Shorts by Puperita since the last KCW but my snails pace had less to do with the pattern itself and more to do with the fact that shorts weather was still months away.


Monkey Shorts
Old Cars Shorts
Trucks Shorts

This is the second Puperita pattern I’ve completed and besides loving Annalisa’s designs in general, her patterns are a pleasure to make with good visual and written instructions. Somewhere along the way I messed up the seam allowance on the pocket flap making it smaller than intended by the pattern and requiring me to hand sew the buttons on. It does not look bad at all which is why I did not bother to re-make the flaps. Still, I take this as a prime example as to why it is a very bad habit of mine to not always consult the perfectly good pattern instructions as frequently as I should.

Mix 'n MatchI really do love all the projects I made over the past week but I’m extra pleased with how the wrap tops and diaper covers met my vision of  creating flexible mix ‘n match newborn clothes. It will be loads of fun creating outfits for Pen with those basics.

I’m very pleased to have met my goals for KCW. Especially knowing that I’ll probably have a pre-preschooler and newborn at home for the next one so I’m sure I’ll be lucky to shower regularly let alone find extra sewing time. I’ll definitely give it a shot though and look forward to the next round!

With the clothing sewing frenzy over, my sewing agenda for the next couple of weeks will be filled with creating some non-clothing related baby necessities and I have a few other projects in mind to customize Pen’s little spot in our bedroom.

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    wow! Those are some awesome shorts! What a neat pattern. I’m sure he’s going to love those cars to bits.

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