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KCW Day 5 & 6: Tying up loose ends

Little GeraniumPattern used: Little Geranium by Made By Rae

This time around I’ve been a lot more productive then my previous crack at Kids Clothes Week. Where it look me a MONTH to finish anything I started and heck, I’ve been spending my remaining time this round tying up loose ends from last time. I just finished hemming the Little Geranium pictured above despite starting it way back in February. I planned on it being Pen’s coming home dress and Seb picked out the cotton fabric with a vehicle themed print.

Cars Wrap

After making all the adorable wrap tops this week, I’m tempted to go for the one using the same car fabric ¬†instead of the dress. Looks extra cute paired with one of the diaper covers that I also made this week. I’ll probably be packing both outfits and making up my mind later!

Another project I started way back in February was shorts for Seb. I spent my hour yesterday finishing up sewing the seams and attaching the waistband. This morning I had to head out for more thread and I’ve been taking my sweet time running the elastic through the casing and hemming the shorts because well… neither activity falls under my idea of a good time.


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