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KCW Day 4: Baby Wrap Tops

Three tops, six options

I had expected this project to be drawn out over the course of two days but I did it in one. Hooray! Maybe it is because I already had made the pattern before eliminating some of the learning curve. The pattern was designed by Jess of Craftiness Is Not Optional for Birch Fabrics. The first time I made this pattern I mused how adorable it would be on an infant. The tutorial accompanying the pattern explains how to make your own pattern since the one provided came in two sizes 2T/3T and 4/5. Needing a size more suitable for a newborn but lacking any appropriately sized tops, I ended up scaling the pattern while printing and then tweaked that according to what pre-made clothing I did have. Keep in mind that body proportions change by the time an infant becomes a toddler so just reducing the scale of a toddler pattern may lead to wonky results. I went at it with the notion that the top could end up looking more dress or tunic like. No problem.

wrap ties

Overall sewing the top was a breeze and the only tricky part I found was getting the ties lined up appropriately. I now consider it to be something of a right of passage that every single time when I proudly gazed upon each top after I sewed the last seam, I would then notice that one of the ties was facing the wrong way. Nothing a seam ripper could not quickly fix. What I love the most about the pattern is the reversible nature of the top leads to all sorts of exciting fabric combinations. Making it in baby size also meant that I got to utilize some of the smaller pieces of fabric I had in my stash. I used leftover fabric from a dress that I made for Pen, leftovers from the bigger version of the top, pieces that I obtained in a big random scrap bag of fabric I obtained from the flea market and a scrap of vintage sheet. Needless to say I had a lot of fun choosing the fabrics for this project.

Paisley Wrap Cars WrapButterfly Wrap

I have one more planned project up my sleeve for a Kids Clothes Week . I just have to finish the waistbands for the shorts I started the last KCW (who needs shorts in the snow anyways?) so maybe that will leave room for one last minute project. We will see.


    these are all SO gorgeous! I love that you graded it to your own size-I need to come back to this one and make more sizes! lol. I love it in a baby size, too! So cute!!

    Lovely! The prints you chose are so pretty! I made that pattern once and it’s a great one. You’ve reminded me that I should make the next size up for my little girl to wear this summer.

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