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KCW Day 3: Hats and ties

Scrappy Sun Hats

My ultimate goal for Day 3 was to make the ties for my last two projects on my “must make” list for KCW. If everything went well I’d see if I could squeeze in an extra project not officially planned for the week. Lucky me, I finished the ties with spare time to start another project!

I already had the pieces cut for two Scrappy Sun Hats which made it a good choice for the extra fun once I finished my planned project for the day. When I stumbled upon the tutorial at Living With Punks I thought it would be perfect for the vintage sheet scraps I had obtained off of Etsy. The scraps were purchased to be used in Pen’s  quilt but I had more than enough for the quilt, sun hats and other projects. I’ve become so horribly addicted to the scraps that I may be ordering myself a fresh batch soon because I noticed that I was a bit low over the weekend.

Wonky Blue

The darker blue hat ended up with a brim slightly smaller in diameter than the original pattern due to me having not quite enough scraps for it. I also bungled up the attachment of the brim to the same hat by accidentally tucking in a the smaller ruffle at one point. Hardly noticeable but I may end up covering it with a bow. The magic of the hat being “scrappy” in nature is you can patch and piece to your hearts content while it all looks like you meant to do that. Yay!

Light Blue Scrappy


Dark Blue Scrappy

I’m tempted to make thousands of the hats since the two came out so darn cute but without Pen here I’m pretty much guessing at her future head size. For the most part I’ve been trying to work on items for her that could by layered if she ends up wearing them in the color months. Sunhats, I think would look silly in October so I’d rather not make too many in advance. This project came together easily enough I can see it as a candidate for a nap time creative quick fix if I decide that I need more once Pen is here.

For later...As for my other accomplishments of the day, the dot ties will be used on three tops for Pen and the elastic drawstrings will be used on shorts for Seb. I’m deviating from the shorts pattern a bit because it asks for cord and instead I mimicked the drawstrings described in this tutorial. With limited time on the weekend, I figure these will be my final two projects for KCW.

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