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Hippy Hoppity

Basket 1My only planned Easter related project was making a bunny basket using the Halloween Treat Bag pattern by Charming Doodle. Seeing as bunnies are not the first creature you think of when the word “Halloween” is uttered of course I had to make the bunny related bits on my own. It was not hard to make the floppy ears, bunny face and tail. I pretty much assembled using the directions as stated since they were well written for a variety of adornments. I got the idea for making an Easter basket from the pattern after being disappointed that Halloween was just too far away to be thinking about treat bags.

Basket 2The thick stabilizer, used to keep the shape, made sewing a bit tricky in my opinion.  I might have missed some trick since I’m not very experienced with bag making in general but getting the thick bottom circle attached to the also thick main fabric of the basket was frustrating for me. It also did not help that I rushed sewed the entire thing in under an hour Saturday evening while completely exhausted. My plan was to finish up the project Friday but do I even need to say that fate had other plans for my time?

Basket 3

Once I got everything flipped around I realized that I brain farted and put the handle in an odd location so I did not top stitch the lining in order to make my life easier when I flip everything back around to move the handle at a later time. I was sleepy and Seb needed to be surprised with his basket filled with goodies the next morning.

Basket 4


Basket 5

I’ll definitely “fix” the basket when I have time and despite my difficulties, I look forward to using the pattern again when Halloween gets closer. Needless to say Seb did not care about the basket’s flaws. He was more interested in the goodies contained in the basket and what he found in the eggs he collected from the yard.

Basket 6

Who knew eggs hatched cars?


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