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Seb the Fox

Seb the Fox 1
Recess Raglan pattern by See Kate Sew, Earflap Hat pattern from Tie Dye Diva (fox bits are my own additions)

Seb the Fox 2

Our final costume for the week, a fox! I thought it was a bit of a wildcard from Seb when he said that he wanted to dress up like a “box”. Of course he meant “fox”. Never before has he mentioned the animal to me and if I were to have guessed what he would say I would have thought cat or cow. He has long loved cats and the cows that hide in our house is a popular topic of conversation with him. Why he thinks we have cows hiding in our house is a mystery to me…

Another raglan done, this time with a pouch pocket! Added to the mix is the Earflap Hat pattern from Tie Dye Diva. With such a wide range of sizes (newborn to 12 years!) I really wish I would have purchased this pattern sooner since Seb has always been a hat person and the hat was easily less than a 2 hour project. I used leftover t-shirt jersey that I had also used for the raglan for the exterior and lined the hat with polar fleece for more body. Even though the pattern was just for a basic hat, the crown being made from 4 pieces made it easy to add ears and figure out the placement of facial features in order to dress it up as a animal themed hat.

The tail was created with the same scraps as the hat. I pretty much just sketched a tail like shape onto the fabric directly and before sewing up the end I added a piece of cotton ribbon that can be used to attach the tail to the belt loop on a pair of jeans. For the photos I just tied the ribbon but I may shorten the length and add Velcro instead.

I purchased two orange t-shirts at the thrift store for .99 each that are very close in color. I’m glad I ended up grabbing both shirts because I ended up using every bit I could salvage. The rest of the materials came from my stash of unloved shirts, fabric scraps and buttons.

Seb the Fox 3

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