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Lucky boy!

Lucky Boy!Recess Raglan pattern by See Kate Sew. Festive applique no pattern.

Well I made it and before the week started as well! One St. Patrick’s Day themed shirt, one super hero getup, and one fox costume. I even made myself a dress yesterday as well! What a week. Something tells me that with all the productivity over the past week that this upcoming week will be not-so-productive…

The shirt part of all three “costumes” was built on the Recess Raglan pattern by See Kate Sew. Needless to say I’m a big fan of the pattern due to how easy it is to make, the flexibility with looks, and I’m an easy sell when it comes to the look of a raglan sleeve. Not to mention the pattern suits upcycling from adult t-shirts. Seb’s “Lucky” shirt was made from an ladies shirt I had in my stash because I loved the stripes but not the fit, a green men’s t-shirt that I purchased at a thrift store for .75, scraps left over from other projects for the applique and ribbing, and metallic gold thread. With the only two purchased items being the t-shirt and thread the project total comes out to just over $3.

Since I’m a big tease I’ll be posting the other costumes as the week goes on… and maybe I’ll do a post on the dress too!

Lucky Boy! 2

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