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Change of plans

March - Change Of PlansOver the weekend I collected fabrics that could work for the projects into a basket so they would be ready.


In the aftermath of the stomach plague from heck I had planned on finally finishing the cargo shorts for Seb but fate had other plans. Last Friday he arrived home from pre-school with a note in his backpack mentioning the fact that the week of March 17 will be “March Madness” with a dress-up theme for each day. Wait a second…

This means I have an excuse to make COSTUMES?!?!

Be still my little heart.

I’ll worry about cargo shorts later, we might even get more snow this week so who needs them! So NOW on the (craft) menu for this week:

1. St. Patrick’s Day themed shirt
2. Super Hero getup
3. Fox outfit

Don’t ask me how Seb got the idea that he needed to be a fox for “Dress Like Your Favorite Animal Day” because I had never even heard the word from his lips until the moment I asked “What do animal do you want to dress up as?” and he said “fox”.

Well he really said “box” but I knew what he meant.

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