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Itty Bitty Circle Skirts!

Feb - Itty Bitty Circle SkirtsLittle Baby Circle Skirts (Free pattern/tutorial at Dana Made It)

I have to say that when it comes to baby fashion, I love (love, love, love) clothing items that LOOK like I put effort into dressing baby but in reality requires very little effort. So of course when I found out that baby to be is to be a GIRL the first pattern that popped into my head on my “I HAVE TO MAKE THIS” list was the Little Baby Circle Skirts over at Dana Made it. Skirt + onesie = adorable outfit! How easy is that?

Even easier was the fact that the pattern fit easily on a fat quarter with just enough leftovers that if I wanted to go the extra mile and making a matching bow, I could. Of course you can cut it from yardage but I happened into a fabric store during a sale on fat quarters and got a bundle that included most of the fabrics used for the skirts for just a few bucks. Easy.


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